Second Conference of Oral Health Ageing Population in Lucerne

The second conference (workshop) of Oral Health of Ageing Populations (OHAP) was held in Lucerne, Switzerland on June 1st and 2nd. OHAP partnership is an initiative of FDI and GC Corporation, with the aim of studying the opportunities for improved oral disease prevention and treatment of elderly patients and promote awareness for the need of research on oral health in ageing populations.

Since the first opening conference in May 2016 in Lucerne, FDI published a special issue (Oct. 2017) of International Dental Journal (IDJ) which is summarizing the presentations given at the OHAP workshop, adopted a Policy Statement on “Life-long oral health” and successfully held two symposia at FDI World Dental Congress in 2016 and 2017, titled “Oral health for an ageing population” and “Clinical strategies for improving oral health in elderly people”.

OHAP Task Team has continued working on creating its advocacy strategy and roadmap, which were finalized at this 2nd conference in Lucerne. The outcome will be presented at FDI World Dental Congress in Buenos Aires in September 2018.