Founded on 11 February 1921 in Japan, GC was established and remains a privately-owned company specialising in dental materials for the global oral health sector. Despite worldwide expansion over nearly 100 years while developing over 600 different dental products, GC has retained its identity and sustained its commitment to excellence. 

Three years later, they released a crystalline cement which offered excellent quality comparable to imported materials. Partly as a reminder of their initial failure, the founders designated 11 February, the date of the first product's launch, as the anniversary of the company. The dedication of the founders to making quality products has been kept alive through generations of GC men and women, and it continues to drive the company's growth.

The GC story is one of consistently triumphing over the odds. It might be difficult for some to believe that today's multinational organisation started out with failure. When GC's founders, Kiyoshi Nakao, Yoshinosuke Enjo and Tokuemon Mizuno, launched their first standard cement, it was not the success they had hoped it would be. Undaunted, they used this experience as stepping stone to move forward. The valuable lesson learnt, which remains entrenched in company ethos today, is the importance of making products by thinking from the customer's point of view.

Thanks to extensive research and development, GC has been a pioneer in the creation of dental material lines that are used in dental laboratories and dental surgeries in countries all around the world today. With four international headquarters based in key world regions, GC has grown in reputation as one of dentistry's leading companies and its product brands are associated with popular clinical techniques that offer sustainable outcomes for patients.

Employing over 2700 associates, GC products total over 600 and are sold in over 100 countries. Its goals for the future are matched in size by its passion for improving the quality of lives of people around the world. The market will continue to expect great things from this company.

The five steps GC has taken over the 95 years to deepen the globalization within company are as follows:


Focused on Export     ~1970   
Localization     1971~
Internationalization     1984~
Establishment of regional companies (GCA,GCE)     1992
Multi-nationalization     Today


All of this underlines GC's tradition which can be summarised in the concepts of excellence, people-focus and tenacity.

  • The pursuit of excellence continues to drive the company forward based on a tenacious approach in research and development.
  • The customer-focused approach enables the best solutions to be identified for advancing its dental materials.

In 2021 GC will not look back at its achievements and feel that its work is complete. On the contrary, it's determination to pursue excellence will be even greater.